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Why would we fight each other?.

Design Sprint What Is. A design sprint is a design thinking method used to solve complex problems throughout co-creation rapid prototyping and qualitative testing with targeted users. It can even solve the problems related to qualitative testing using targeted users.

Design Sprint
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Design Sprint is a 5 Day-5 stage approach to uncover Design problems and solve them through designing solutions prototyping and testing ideas with users. A design sprint is a 5-day intensive process that tests new ideas by focusing on users needs and immediately confirming them through feedback. Design sprints can help prevent you from building the wrong thing even when your customers say its the right thing.

Originally created by the team at Google Ventures now known simply as GV the Sprint framework was crafted to help teams condense the process of defining a problem creating solutions and.

If you have a problem to solve or an idea to validate and you want to find a solution testable with clients doing a Design Sprint might be a great step forward for you. The Design Sprint is a highly timed structured yet a fluid creative process to answer critical business questions through design prototyping and testing with users. What are the goalsoutcome of a design sprint. It is a high return low investment process which has become a powerful movement in solving design problems quickly and easily.